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How does your Sun Sign affect your Moon + Mars signs?

Yes. Venus is super weird, so I definitely want to talk about it later. But first let’s talk about the moon and Mars. So another way to explain everything that I was kind of mentioning in that mercury video is basically, there are not that many aspects that are possible between the Sun and Mercury in a given birth chart. You can basically have a conjunction or a very weak semi-sextile. So the backwards way to kind of figure out what other planets work like that is, is it possible for the sun to make an opposition with that planet. Two planets that we say follow the sun in astrology are Mercury and Venus. Mars is usually pretty close by, but when he does go retrograde, he ends up like way far away and it is in fact possible for Mars to make an opposition with the sun. So it’s possible to have the Sun or Mars in any sign. Even if it’s pretty rare to get like a far-away combination. The Moon, on the other hand, goes through all 12 zodiac signs every single month, so during a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are farthest apart. Therefore they can be opposite each other. So you can have any possible moon sign and sun sign. Planets that are like past Mars are slow-moving and therefore there more generational or related to you know, your age so your birth year, rather than your sun sign is what matters.

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