Hi! I’m Lohla.

I’ve been studying astrology for something like 10-15+ years. Some casual exposure to it when I was a child developed into at first a weird hobby, then an ongoing personal research project, and then a lifelong passion and expertise.

Aside from that, my interests have always included some combination of the stars, fashion, self-expression and digital space. I was raised in a blended Hindu American family where logic and spirituality intermingled and never had clean lines of separation. My fascination with and study of astrology (really, spirituality as a whole) has been intrinsic to me for about as long as I can remember.

I do a lot of things in my day job as a digital analyst, but you can basically summarize most of it as “make things prettier, make them make more sense, and make them nicer to use.” I am known for traipsing about the internet leaving accidental hamburger essays strewn behind me, adding an ethereal touch to everything, and being an endless font of advice and information on like skincare recs or media theory or fashion history — but above all, for the depths of my knowledge on astrology.