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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Scorpio April 30th 2018

The full moon in Scorpio on April 30th will sextile Saturn in Capricorn, which gives this lunation a pleasant, positive feeling of stability.

While full moons are known for heightening emotions, the connection with taskmaster Saturn brings us down to earth and grounds our emotional realizations in a commitment to changing the practical matter of our lives. Because these two are linking together in a friendly way, emotional situations that come up now will leave us feeling responsible to address them – but we’ll also be feeling empowered and capable, in ways we haven’t felt whenever we’ve previously approached these problems.

Here is a super, super simplified chart, just so you can get your bearings around what the main aspects look like. The sun is opposite the moon. The moon is making a friendly sextile of 60 degrees to Saturn. Saturn is making a friendly trine of 120 degrees to the Sun. Everybody else is doing other stuff, but it’s not super relevant to what we’re looking at, so it’s not visualized.


The abrupt illumination of a full moon plays nicely with Scorpio’s penchant for darkness and secrecy. If we haven’t been honest with ourselves about what’s not going well, or ways in which we could use the help of others, this full moon is urging us to reach out.

Jupiter has also been in Scorpio this year, so a lot of the subject matter that comes up for our attention this month is thematic around the whole year. Aside from major lunations like eclipses, full moons like these are the most useful for punctuating the “lessons learned” from longer-term transits.

Your horoscopes here touch mainly on the long-term journey that Saturn is making through Capricorn, and how that influences you with regards to developments you can expect from the full moon this month. Lunations can “come into effect” slightly early and hang around for quite some time, so if I’ve highlighted a “big event,” it may have just happened at the end of April or it could happen throughout May. Regardless, it will be “on your mind” around this time anyway.


These horoscopes are designed to be most accurate for your sun sign and rising. You can also read it for your moon, or an adjacent sign if you know your chart and know you have a formation that affects it that way.

Aries & Aries Rising

Saturn’s journey through the top of your chart – the tenth house – represents a kind of deepening, challenging, or restricting around your relationship to the public and your reputation. Since Saturn began its travels through Capricorn, you likely have been keeping your cards a little closer to your chest. Though you’re usually confident and determined about the direction of your life, you may have felt an urge to buckle down and formalize plans for the future. Snap decisions are often your style, but Capricorn’s slow-going energy has brought more of a seriousness and the desire for a well-thought-out roadmap.

For most Rams, this likely relates to your career and most visible projects and endeavors, but it may also have to do with any kind of legacy you want to leave behind, or any long-term journey that will be a part of how people see you and understand you for years to come. Personal issues that deal with fundamental changes to your self are also fair game for Saturn’s stabilizing influence.

With all of this long-term terraforming of your life going on, you’ve felt less able to broadcast updates and developments about what’s going on out to the world. That’s why, even though so much of the internal work going on deals with how you present yourself in the most outward ways, it really does feel private. (Saturn often does that to a house or placement – turns it inside-out so it can reform it, before unleashing it to be a better version of itself.) People are used to you being outspoken and sharing a lot of yourself, so you may feel uncomfortable, almost like you’re being dishonest. Just remember that it’s natural for changes this big to occur out-of-sight.

That being said, all of this connects to this week’s Full Moon, occurring in your much-less-Me-Focused eighth house. Some aspect of your grand plan may not be coming to fruition for whatever reason – maybe it felt stymied during last month’s retrograde. You were expecting some kind of development that didn’t happen. This full moon is here to remind you that, self-reliant though you imagine yourself to be, you cannot discount the ways in which you need to depend on other people. Maybe a partner or influence is sewn into the success of your next achievement, or maybe things aren’t working because of something outside of your control. You may need to look to your most intimate relationships to figure out if some small piece you’ve delegated elsewhere really is the cog that won’t connect here. Alternately, if you’re being stubborn about handling something on your own, you may need to ask someone else for help – materially or emotionally.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Wherever Saturn goes in our chart, we find projects that are taking up a lot of our time and mental space, but aren’t necessarily moving forward in the present. For Taureans currently, this deals with education, spirituality, or worldliness at large.

You may have found some desire or ambition waking up in your heart over the past six months. Maybe you realized that you’re less happy with the structure and stability of life where you are, and you’ve gotten it into your head that you need to spend more time traveling and seeing new places, moving far away, or spending time with people who are radically and fundamentally different than the current company you keep. Maybe you’ve decided to pick up a degree you’d left behind, learn a new skill, or formally go back to school – but maybe applications or classes aren’t as going as well as you’d hoped. Maybe you’re interested in a new faith or practice, but things aren’t clicking so much the further you’ve gotten into it.

Saturn isn’t here to destroy your dreams, but it is asking you to regroup, reassess your needs, and re-evaluate your timelines. You are longing to see more of the world and expand your viewpoint, whether that be through formal or informal education, or just living your life in a new way. However, Saturn wants you to reframe your thinking and consider how you can do that while tethered physically or conceptually closer to where you already are. It’s a planet that tends to take a more conservative framework to our outlandish dreams, but it’s not to crush them. Saturn wants you to change fewer variables than you’re currently trying to, so you get the hang of things before you charge on full speed ahead.

If you’re still making a decision about how to approach these Saturn-touched issues, this Full Moon will reorient your attention away from your own desire and back to how your deepest relationships are influencing the call you’re making. This sounds weird, but it does happen – often on a subconscious level. Maybe you only think you have to leave town because you’re struggling with a bad breakup or a frustrating relationship issue. Maybe a close friend is testing your patience and compelling you to take up a contrarian stance. Maybe a business partner or complication with your boss is goading you to try striking out somewhere else. The full moon could shed light on these thought processes going on under-the-hood, just to verify that the changes you’re trying to make are truly only because of what you actually want for yourself.

Full moons often escalate these issues, so look for a development this month in one of your close relationships. A partner in any regard may raise the stakes and compel you to commit to your original plan in a new, more involved way – or a relationship could end or transmute, freeing you up to consider paths that now feel more comfortable without such emotional tangles in the way. Keep your options open. The new horizon arriving in your life may be closer to home than you think.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Right now, Saturn may be limiting or restricting your sense of power. But what kind of power are you owed? The house being affected for you right now can be summed up as the place of debt and death, on multiple levels. Saturn is here to help clean up house by limiting, purging, and accounting for your debts, and literal finances may play a role. Consolidating, paying off, or just paying deeper attention to money matters are the name of the game for lots of Geminis during this transit.

However, other debts are also coming up for consideration. Do you feel you have a karmic or emotional debt to the people who helped you get where you are today? Do you “owe” anyone a behavior change, a consideration of opinion, or a kind of acknowledgement for their contribution to the person you are now? Saturn, being a planet of restriction, is all about making you feel “less” like that. However, it’s up to you whether you want to shirk that kind of mindset through a reinterpretation of beliefs, or whether you want to get rid of that feeling of being indebted by “paying it back.”

In this house, the stakes are high because our deepest emotional impulses are by nature entangled up with the needs and desires of others. Dealing with Saturn here can be exhausting – we are attempting to hold our own ground in issues that inherently deal with cooperation, commitment, and a lack of self-ness and selfishness. That’s where this Full Moon comes in to help. It’s turning the focus back onto You, Just You, by fixating your need to “clean up” your life onto more internal, more self-oriented matters.

The Scorpio Full Moon wants you to refocus on your own health and mind. The way that it goes about this may feel abrupt or frustrating. You come down with bronchitis and angrily throw out all your cigarettes. Your insomnia causes you to oversleep and miss an important engagement, and you suddenly re-evaluate the work-health balance in your current spot. Your stress levels are unsustainable and you walk out on your awful boss. Whatever the case, try to confront these abrupt upsets gracefully. Mishaps are occurring in your work life and health with the goal of getting you to spend a little more time caring for yourself – just yourself, for yourself. Through doing that, you’ll unlock something important about your current Saturnian journey. Feeling more well-rested and well-cared for, you’ll feel better able to negotiate and advocate for yourself – and assess how much emotional exchange is fair to other people and you.


Cancer & Cancer Rising

Saturn’s bootcamp, tough-love approach to improving different areas of our lives is always effective, but the medicine goes down a little easier with some tastes than others. The seventh house, a soft and gentle place filled with our ideals of love, harmony, and balance, often finds this energy pretty abrasive and shocking. For a lot of Cancers, some disillusionment or frustration may be the case with Saturn in Capricorn.

Since your intimate partnerships are coming up for detailed inspection, you may be feeling a bit like the fairytale bubble has burst. Saturn is often like those terrifying magnifying mirrors, showing us more pores than we thought anyone was capable of having and being like, “This is your problem now.” That effect, transposed onto our most immersive relationships, can be slightly terrifying. For many Cancers, closer proximity to a romantic or business partner (who already took up a lot of prominence and time in your life) may reveal an uglier side of things right now. Before you panic, much of it is stuff you already kind of knew about. Saturn, unlike more erratic planets, doesn’t seem to invent problems out of nowhere. It just makes the little pinpricks of frustration harder to deal with, forcing us to actually communicate about it or decide if we can live with it.

That being said, you crabs have a tendency to hold things close to your chest, especially if you’ve just realized you’re upset about something. Instead, you may be feeling just more withdrawn, or less enamored, or less energetic about the big relationship that’s going through this. (Remember, the seventh house is often about a romantic partner, but it doesn’t have to be – anyone you’re extremely close to individually is fair game for Saturn’s makeover treatment. If you’re single, it could even be you.)

Saturn’s process here isn’t all bad. By the end of the transit, it usually “makes or breaks” the relationship it honed in on. If you realized you just couldn’t handle some fatal flaw in how a partner treated you, you’ll feel no regret as you walk off knowing you did exactly what you were capable of. On the other hand, the increased intensity of thought you have around this person and this relationship as you solve complex problems may draw you closer. Saturn adds “responsibility” to the elements of our lives it touches, and a deeper level of commitment is totally possible. If you’re looking for a partner or more intimate connection, Saturn can bring you something that is more serious than you bargained for.

This full moon, pleasantly, adds some more of that beautiful harmony back over the added stresses and strains brought by Saturn. For Cancers, it will touch upon a sense of play and curiosity. You can use this month creatively and you may find that a lot of the stress and internalized upset you’ve been dealing with will come out in a more beautiful way. Or, perhaps the moon will “shed light on” something you’ve already done in that vein – getting a piece or creation of yours acknowledged by the public and “illuminated” by new attention is a possibility here. If that’s not your speed, the full moon may just layer on a new sense of fun to your relationships in general, helping you to fall back in love with the experience of loving.


Leo & Leo Rising

Routines are not glamorous or interesting. There’s a reason why we associate the word “mundane” with drab grays and dull scenery. Our brains get accustomed to a rhythm. The more consistent a stimuli is, be it visual or auditory, the less we consciously see it or hear it. But all of this day-to-day material, the unremarkable stuff of our lives, is still there, taking up much of our mental space and processing power. The flavor of your toothpaste. The dust on the windowsill you always forget to pass over when you’re cleaning the sink. The accent colors of your calendar app and how you’ve never really liked those crisp shades of green.

Our constant interactions with what we pass over are always priming us for our next experiences. As Saturn passes through the part of your chart that’s hung up on the little stuff, it’s kicking up some dust. This arena of the chart rules our work lives, so some Leos may be feeling a lack of direction or motivation at work. Others may have renewed ambition for their career, but aren’t gaining as much traction as they thought would at this point. Why am I plateaued at 989 Instagram followers? Why do I keep getting passed up for this promotion at the last possible instance? Why am I unhappy with every job opportunity that comes up? Why can’t I focus on my Big Project even though I’m interested in it and excited about it?

Saturn is unsettling all the little things that annoy you – annoying shifts, an unpleasant commute that just got worse, the construction that’s been going on across the street for weeks now, unbearable protocols and frustrating cowokers at work – but the goal isn’t to just make you miserable.

In this very minute and particular form of upheaval, you’re being pushed to rethink the overarching frustrations you have, and if your ambition is being misplaced. Sure, this is your dream job…except that you’re constantly coming home frustrated and exhausted because your boss is egotistical and hypercritical. Why are you staying? Why are you telling yourself that’s the best you can do right now? Saturn will continue to instigate drama and frustration until you get the message: you need to open up to the idea that you could do something better, because you certainly deserve it.

The full moon in Scorpio may urge you to do that by bringing those inklings of frustration into your home life. If you’re being snippy or worse, all-out fighting with a partner or family member, look to your work life and little routines for help identifying what you’re actually pissed about. On the other hand, huge and really pleasant changes could be occurring in your home life (both where you literally live, and the people who feel like home to you) at this time. If that’s the case, the contrast of this new bliss could propel you to acknowledge that you don’t deserve misery in the rest of your life. You do not have to change it immediately – Saturn is sticking around here for a while. This month may just nudge you into considering why you feel unable to change how things are, and how you could make it better or more reasonable for you.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You’re no stranger to impostor syndrome – self-doubt is an integral part of the Virgoan approach to self-improvement. However, Saturn’s pressure on your fifth house is leading you to be critical in a new way. Rather than focusing on your utility and service to others, you’re now questioning issues that are more related to your ego – what is your uniqueness and creativity? What new things can you give to the world? Is work all that worth it if you’re not having fun with it?

Saturn may be stealing a bit of your sense of fulfillment when it comes to “what you do.” Because this house rules pleasure, creation, and recreation, the part of your life under the microscope could be related to anything that you produce. It could center on the value you generate in social relationships, or it could relate to your career and creative objectives. Whatever the case, you’re feeling a renewed need to prove yourself, be it through tackling a concrete project or rethinking your own barometer to measure “how you’re doing.”

Many of you with strong Virgo influence may be feeling a bit forlorn – like you’ve wasted time or talent. Be sure to focus instead on flipping that narrative around. There is no time limit on your potential – let the thought of reaching it propel your endeavors, rather than stun them shut with regret. You deserve recognition, but your talents do not have to be perfectly produced at this time. You deserve as much time to mess around and find your groove as anyone else. You don’t have to achieve perfection to deserve a feeling of pride.

This Full Moon lightens up life in the space of “nearby adventuring.” Astronomical and far-reaching goals don’t need to be the center of your attention right now. Instead, plans for world domination that have been proceeding at a difficult pace may get tossed to the side in favor of goals that utilize the skills, interests, and inspirations that you’ve already given recognition to.

The house ruled by Scorpio for you deals with communications, acquaintances, and even a bit of creativity, so it’s possible that some form of writing, expression, or networking will suddenly throw you into a new opportunity that lets you loosen up and explore a more fun-loving, expressive side of yourself. That being said, none of this will happen on its own. You can produce as much as you’d like in private, but it’s not going anywhere if you don’t show it to anybody.

Try to take a small risk and show a new contact something you’ve been working on, explore a new idea with an acquaintance, or talk about that project preoccupying your mind with a friend. Opportunities will arise once you let yourself acknowledge that you deserve a little bit of the spotlight, and you’re not faking the talent you’re trying to share. Take this time to break out of your shell in baby steps.



Libra & Libra Rising

We have a tendency to think of our emotional spaces and material spaces as separate, only tangentially influenced by each other. When we go through a period of emotional upheaval or even dramatic unhappiness, we may even associate it with being especially divorced from the particularities of life “on earth.” Take the dissociation and memory loss often experienced after a period of trauma, or even euphemisms for other kinds of emotional preoccupation: she was “in her own world.” His euphoria was so great that “he was on cloud nine.” When we’re inspired or distracted, our “head is in the clouds.” The emotional world is often ungrounded from our own in our metaphors and conceptions of this internal space.

Saturn’s transit through the fourth house is a special time when these metaphors of emotion are totally upended, and we tend to face the facts that our feelings are in places, and our feelings are in things. The second house, where the Full Moon in Scorpio touches on you, is similar in its co-mingling of material and emotional states. There, we investigate how we value our work and how others value our work as well – however, we often come to realize that this process reflects back on how we value ourselves.

The fourth house is a curious place. In its initial, surface level interpretation, it deals with the “home.” In this respect, many associate prominent fourth-house events with the simple question of environment.

During Saturn’s time in Capricorn, many Librans will in fact experience changes in their literal home. Because Saturn tends to be restrictive, you may find that the amount of space you call your own could be limited in a new way. Some Librans will travel, be without a constant place to live, or live on less space than they were previously.

On the other hand, because Saturn deals with responsibility and balancing burdens, other Librans will make moves that severely “limit” the amount of money they’re spending on the home or increase their responsibility towards it. You could move to a cheaper area, or become a super-clean minimalist after a period of being super messy, disorganized, or extravagant. You might suddenly buy a house, or you might become responsible for your living space on your own, in the sudden absence or unavailability of a roommate or family member.

However, as a cardinal house, the fourth house also deals with the most internal aspects of ourselves: in particular, the past. I like to talk about this house as holding the “history of the self.” This means that familial relationships and the deepest archetypes and associations we developed in youth all live here. The historicity of our emotional impulses and formative experiences, and their additive nature, all co-mingling together to weave together our current person, are found here.

Again, taking this literally, a Saturn transit here may “restrict” or add responsibility to the individuals’ idea of family. You may come to realize that you can truly rely on, or count as true “family,” a smaller circle of people than you thought. Alternately, you may be called to “step up” in family matters and take care of other people in a more pertinent or obvious way.

Regardless, this “change” to your environment, your family relationships, and the literal, physical belongings that surround you will reflect a lot of past experiences that you’re still carrying around physically, including ideas about yourself and who you are. This is where your Saturn transit hooks in to this month’s Full Moon, which touches the second house. When we punish ourselves for the past by carrying around guilt and judgment reflecting on who we used to be, we devalue who we are the present. This month’s Full Moon is asking you to sift through these self-judgments and throw out the frameworks of the past that you’re currently using to minimize and discount your current perspective.



Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

In the third house, Saturn can often make things feel a little gloomy and dark. In the first house, the moon can make things seem more emotionally intense than they are. Thankfully, as a Scorpio, you are pretty used to dealing with all of those things.

Saturn is spending its time in Capricorn reforming your approach to communication. It’s already worked on your identity, and it’s worked on your value systems – now it’s helping you bring all of that inner work out into the world. As a Scorpio, you probably tend towards the private type, so any sort of focus on how you present yourself can be alarming. Already on the serious side, Saturn is bringing more pressure to your mental state, and asking you to be more careful with your words and thoughts. The goal here is to help you refine your presence and make it easier for you to find the information you need to make yourself feel fulfilled. However, while it’s working, you may be tired of it and feel like it’s just making you miserable – or at least sound that way.

Whenever a restrictive planet moves through our communication house, we may feel like we can or should only speak when we have something “substantive” to say. Writers and creators with this transit may be facing a block on their gifts. The same situation may occur with Scorpios trying to advocate for their ideas at work or school. It’s not the traditional type of “block” where your font of inspiration is dry. Instead, you may be feeling insecurity or impostor syndrome about your “right” to share your ideas and your work. “Is what I’m saying important enough? Am I contributing something real and meaningful?”

Questions like these might pose stumbling blocks for you right now. You’re being more judicious about deciding when to weigh in, and in some ways, that’s a good thing – you’re not wasting any energy on pointless conversations. However, sewing yourself shut and pressuring yourself not to speak out unless you’re positive and secure you need to seems unnecessarily restrictive and unfair – you have a lot of good insight to share with the world.

This full moon, in your home sign, is the perfect antidote because it plays so deeply on your personal, emotional state. A situation might come up this month where you feel so enflamed, or so inspired, that you simply have to say something – because that’s what you would do. It might be overwhelming in the moment, but let the feeling wash over you. This step is necessary to help unlock the door on your brilliant brain. Don’t deprive the world of the understanding that you in particular have gained – it has value, even if you doubt that it does or can’t see it yourself.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The Saturn placement you have right now probably feels like a relief, now that it’s not pressing on your very personhood and sense of self anymore. A weight has been cast off, and you can see yourself a bit more clearly now, a little less defensive, a little more realistic. That being said, just because you’re not in the Thick of It right now, it doesn’t mean you’re not having some pretty serious problems. Whenever Saturn enters a fixed house, I tend to find that people are a little in denial of “how big” the problem is, because of two reasons:

  • Things for the most part feel like they’re progressing. You feel like your work is, for the most part, cut out for you, and you genuinely believe that things are going when they weren’t before.
  • You don’t think you’re the one in control of the problem anymore. When a tense planet like Saturn is pressing on a cardinal house, concerned with our most vital and pertinent realms of self, it’s like a pinched nerve. You cannot deny it when your identity is in a full-spin collapse. You cannot deny it when you’re impulsively moving across the country. You cannot deny it when you’re on the brink of breaking up with your long-term partner. You cannot deny it when you leave the job that everyone’s associated with you for so long.

That being said, a lot of things are still changing after periods like that. You’re ascending out of the cavern you collapsed into, and stray rocks are going to clock you in the head as you continue on your way up, loosening the earth. Yes, things are progressing. For most Sagittarians, you’ve recently made some of the most immense, fundamental changes you ever will in your life. But take stock honestly: what is not going well? What could feel better?

This month’s full moon for you is in the Spooky House. The twelfth house is where secrets go. The twelfth house is the drawer we keep purposefully empty so that we can shove scattered items somewhere when we get an unexpected knock on the door. The twelfth house is the trap door under the rug in the backmost part of the attic. The twelfth house is a place we venture into only in dreams or therapy. The twelfth house is where we shove the evidence of things we’ve done wrong – that we have lied to others or ourselves, that we have to stow away information for now, that we are ashamed.

A full moon “illuminates” the house that it touches, so each year, when this full moon arrives to your twelfth house, it is a time when secrets are going to be brought to light. If you are deep in denial, don’t worry so much – it may just be that a shocking realization, a secret you kept to yourself, will be brought up only to you. The point is, it’s time to face the hard truths – but it doesn’t have to be as bad as it’s going to feel. You’re getting smacked in the face with the realization that not everything is going right, but you are more than capable of addressing it, and kicking it right back out of your life.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Nobody knows better than Capricorns that it can get lonely at the top. Not just the top in terms of success, though. People often have a tendency to project onto you multiple kinds of success that don’t necessarily correlate in your actual life. If you have a ton of followers, influence, or cachet, they may think you have greater career security or comfort than you do, just as an example. On the other hand, people may grasp on a surface level that you’re well-connected, but be unable to parse that you’re feeling less-than-enriched in terms of close and intimate friendships. In general, it gets lonely for you most when people think you have it all together and you don’t need anything – because they believe you. They know you’re more than capable of self-sufficiency, and they’re willing to leave you alone. Not for lack of care, but for lack of the realization that you are just as human as they are.

This Full Moon locks into the funhouse mirror of the eleventh house, where our overarching desires to influence the world positively and do good comingle with the interactions we have in our groups and communities. This is one of those lunations for you when it feels like things aren’t really “about you.” Since this house rules our friendships, especially ones that occur not just as functions of themselves but as part of a group, you may be feeling a lot of burdening at this time to shoulder things and feelings for others. It may seem like larger, more dramatic, or more pertinent events are happening in other people’s lives, and that all your job is right now is to carry some of the weight for them.

However, the fact that this Full Moon links into your home-base Saturn transit should tell you the opposite. Capricorns are born knowing how to carry the energy of Saturn. They know all about responsibility and taking care of other people, other needs. What they tend to know less of is how to nurture themselves the same way. In memes and pithy descriptions, people always tend to sum up Caps as ambitious, even ruthless, projecting onto them a single-minded kind of self-oriented care that isn’t always actually there. Some of the most self-destructive behavior a Capricorn can engage in is taking care of others to the point of ignoring themselves.

While Saturn transits your house of self, you may be engaging in more erraticism, and more unpredictability. People tend to think of you as the one they can rely on, and they may try to tell you that you seem to be self-destructing. Instead of giving in when others project this onto your boundaries, rethink how much you’re actually giving up. Sometimes, we harm ourselves by not giving ourselves enough space and nourishment. When the inevitable storm of stress blows over the ones you care about, this month or later on, think back to this. Saying “no” to a challenge or an obligation doesn’t make you less of who you are – a caring person who believes in the best for everybody. You just don’t have to be the person providing all of the support, all of the time – except to yourself.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The twelfth house, where Saturn is currently making its transit for Aquarians, is a confusing and complicated place. It rules dark and nasty places that no one wants to spend time in, skeletons in the closet, secret enemies, and grief. But it also rules our transcendence of ego, our spiritual solace, and ungrounded kindness and empathy. It is a place where things become “slippery” and hard to hold on to. People with a prominent twelfth house often feel like people you can’t really pin down or describe. Descriptors of them slip like water through your fingertips.

So what does it mean to have traditional, reliable Saturn crossing this space of sliding motives, hidden downfalls, and the surprisingly sublime? Saturn always approaches our houses with an aim to whip things into shape. The first thing it tackles is the seat of our self-denial with regards to the nature of the house. In the twelfth house, this is actually pretty appropriate, as a lot of our self-denial already lives here. Aquarians may be experiencing Saturn in Capricorn as a time when they have to fess up to secret weaknesses. If you’ve been trying to brace through any kind of “hidden” struggle or secreted-away part of yourself with a stoic demeanor, Saturn isn’t having much of that. Even if it’s just telling the truth to one person who feels safe, this transit is encouraging you to share what you’re going through or what you’re ashamed of, rather than bury it away.

Aquarians tend to be pretty good at compartmentalization, so opening yourself up to this honesty may feel…extremely weird. However, that’s part of the lesson you’ll be learning when Saturn connects in to this Full Moon. The Full Moon in Aries is illuminating a part of your life that Jupiter has put the pressure on so far this year: your reputation, your career, and the person you are in public. Sudden realizations about a course you need to take in your current position, your school work, or your job hunt right now may shed light on other anxieties that you keep away from the public light more generally. In turn, internal struggles may click in to a broader realization about any demotivation you’ve experienced. You may suddenly realize that the place you’d like to create for yourself is very different from the one you’ve been working on. Events at this lunation will be a flashpoint, so expect sudden developments, or being given a situation you’ll need to weigh in on decisively and quickly.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

In general, people tend to handwave or estimate how deep Pisceans can get pretty regularly. It’s important for you that all elements of your life are imbued with emotional richness. Unlike other signs, your choices aren’t important to you because you’re trying to reflect an aesthetic or entrench a particular layer of your ego. Your choices are important because they genuinely reflect your internality, and you like it that way. Your sense of justice, your values, your dreams, your thoughts – this is all stuff you like to keep pretty close to the surface, even if it’s underneath it.

At this time, as Saturn makes its way through your eleventh house, you may be upset with how aspects of your social life are disjointed from this overall ethos. You may doubt the authenticity or superficiality of your friendships, and alienate yourself from them out of dissatisfaction. A feeling of a fallen illusion may permate your experience of your larger social circles and communities. You may be feeling like you’ve lost a sense of trust you once had in a community or group that once embraced you, for whatever reason. There may have been actual betrayal, or there could have just been the sense that you weren’t getting the worth you needed out of it.

If none of this is the case, Saturn may just want you to take the company you keep more seriously. Maybe you need to show up for your friends in a more meaningful way, or maybe you need to make deeper connections with the people who do the reverse for you regularly. Either way, the level of satisfaction you have with the people who are around you by choice is up for review, and you’re remembering that you actually do have a say in the matter. The people you associate with and what they reflect about you and your life are things you’re allowed to consciously consider and be decisive about.

This month’s full moon may see you aiming outward for more variance or more genuine expression in this area. In the ninth house, the moon brings up our feelings and desires to see more of the world. An opportunity may come up for you to spend more time with people who are super different from the majority of your current connections, and the growth that could be offered by these new relationships will be essential to your personal reformation. On the other hand, you may need to get honest about your belief systems and ideas about the world and how they’ve changed in order to be honest with yourself about why your current relationships feel superfluous. It could be that you and your friends don’t see eye-to-eye in a way that makes you wonder if they respect your perspective – or it could be that you see each other a little too clearly, and you feel unfulfilled and like you need more space to be your own self. Whatever the case, the full moon is always a good time to get in touch with your feelings and get honest – even if it’s just with yourself.


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1 thought on “Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Scorpio April 30th 2018”

  1. Wowwww the Taurus Rising one was spot-on!!! Same with the Scorpio. These have been major themes for me, and even though I thought I was gonna charge full-speed ahead with my plans, Saturn’s like, “Wtf do you think you’re doing? You can’t even keep your dishes clean, how do you expect to run a business WHILE being a student AND living independently? Slow the fuck down.” Lmao, ok Saturn.


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