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Full Flower Moon in Scorpio | May 10, 2017

It’s the Full Moon! As we talked about last time, at this full moon, you can expect some issues that became highlighted in the past two weeks of your life to resolve, amplify, or transmute. The Sun is still transiting grounded Taurus, but the moon is briefly slipping into the opposite space — the deep, oftentimes murky waters of Scorpio.

If Taurus is fixed and stable, Scorpio is loose and speculative. Both are highly stubborn. Like at any full moon, your conscious desires and goals may be at odds with some emotional pathway in your heart. This time, it’s likely that something material or concrete is being challenged by psychological difficulty. That sounds abstract, so let’s say that you’ve recently committed to picking up a work project that you don’t really actually like. At the new moon, you felt really motivated because you knew the job would improve your finances in some measurable way, and that’s what you were emotionally preoccupied with at the time, so you took it on and felt great. You’ve since realized something about the project or the client doesn’t gel with your own motives, and you don’t feel so great about staying. That’s just a basic example, but there’s many emotional layers that this lunation could play off of.


The Sun and Moon are the center of every single lunation, but the connections they make to other celestial bodies color in the full story. At this time, both are making a serious, yet positive connection with a very intense planet — Pluto, which governs complete transformation.

Pluto transits (“moves around”) at a glacial pace because of its distance from the Sun and earth, so it’s normally just a background player in the astrology of our day-to-day lives. It’s like a single note in a chord that plays for years on end, subtly defining generational changes that we experience as a collective. However, when it makes aspects to closer bodies and planets, its influence becomes much more personal — and its strength packs a hell of a punch.

This means that changes brought about by this full moon — and remember, full moons crave and foster change — will not be superficial. The kinds of changes that occur when Pluto is onboard occur deep in the core of our beings. This isn’t to say that you should necessarily prepare for something that, from the outside, looks dramatic and shaken up. Other people may not be able to perceive that the stakes have changed for you at all. But the kind of change you pursue at this time is a demolition or a transformation of some construct in yourself that’s been a long time coming.

While Pluto itself will not bring perceptible, dramatic change at this time, there still is the opportunity for superficial shake-ups, and that’s all thanks to another dynamic occurring at the same time. Neither Mercury nor Uranus makes significant contact with the sun or moon, but they do themselves conjunct (overlap) in Aries, bringing out a grand fire trine with Saturn and the North Node. We’ll discuss the grand fire trine in more depth later, as it’s a special dynamic that comes into focus throughout this entire year and really peaks in late summer. But the conjunct of Mercury and Uranus at this time is important. Thanks to Mercury’s retrograde, it’s the third such conjunction since late March, meaning this one is the one where the truth (Mercury) comes to light quite suddenly or unexpectedly (Uranus.) This is a jumpy aspect. Uranus is quite unpredictable, so what this dynamic looks like is a sudden event occurring, after which longer-held secrets kind of tumble out after the initial tremor. It is quite neutral, however, so the rapid energy can certainly work in your favor.

Things have already changed, but after this full moon, they will really start to feel different. This process of embracing the flame of change will continue all year, so consider this full moon a landmark at which you have important opportunities to shape the scope of that change. Like the flower, you cannot stay a seed forever — you eventually must accept the sunlight.

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