Some select testimonials from people I’ve had the pleasure to read for!

Freakishly accurate and immensely helpful. CJP

I am so impressed Lohla. You are so fucking good at this and I found myself gasping or feeling my jaw drop at so many points throughout. Lili B

Lohla gave me and my partner a reading for the day we were considering to have a relationship commitment ceremony. Lohla provided such a thorough and insightful reading of this day that was so personalized and meaningful. She was also very willing to engage further and answer all of our questions, and I found Lohla’s communication of what she was reading and seeing very accessible and easy to understand as someone with limited astro knowledge. I highly recommend Lohla and hope to get another reading soon! Jesse

It was WEIRDLY ACCURATE. Normally I am “casually interested” in astrology and definitely am not a huge believer in it but your natal chart for me was eerily correct, especially considering how we have never met in person. I even showed it to a close friend who doesn’t hold much stock in predictive astrology and she was really impressed with how accurate it was. S. Z.

I’m as skeptical as they come, but I have to admit Lohla’s reading was eerily accurate and incredibly specific. J.J.

I still think about your reading over a year later. I was going through a really tough phase [with a personal relationship] and needed some guidance. I was struggling in therapy with a lot of intertwined guilt and self-doubt about my choices and your reading helped me put a lot of my innermost turmoil into a more manageable perspective. A lot of the emotional themes that you read turned out to be the direction I needed to go – but my guilt hadn’t let me totally accept that before I heard it coming from someone else. Your reading was so thought-out and comprehensive, and even though we’re never met in person, I felt an innate sense of trust. It also seemed that you were peeking into my mind in a way that even some of my closest friends haven’t, and it was startling but also really gratifying to feel understood on a level that I realize I hadn’t totally felt before. Diana