How I Read

What type of astrology do you practice?

When I come up with a simple answer for my style, I’ll let you know! I consider myself to be a lifelong student of astrology as a whole. Deep areas of study throughout my practice have included the global history of astrology, the mechanics of how positions are calculated in different astrological systems, astrology’s different cultural contexts and so on. My style is to absorb diverse resources from multiple sources, utilize what makes sense to me and what works in actual practice in reading and interpretative work, and discard things I don’t gel with logically or don’t see consistent results from — so it’s a bit of my own.

In my personal practice, I dislike binaries between interpretative techniques and schools of study, so I eschew labels like modern/traditional. I don’t gel with the mentality of traditionalism at a base level — I believe in evolving our understandings, instead of taking for granted what older sources believed uncritically and glorifying past approaches as perfect rather than something that can be improved upon or criticized. At the same time, I find a lot of modern astrology in practice to be hyper-individualist and speculative rather than grounded, so I do find it important to understanding the historical sources and cultural contexts for interpretative techniques, even if I don’t utilize all of them equally. I read and engage with both traditional and modern astrologers and their theories, and what I utilize in my practice is something I constantly update based on what I believe to be the best information and what I have experience working with and comfort speaking to, rather than following the take or strategy espoused by a particular school. I will often tell you in a reading something like “in this type of astrology, this might mean x, in this other type, this might mean y, in practice I often see it as something like z.” And then you can make up your own mind about it.

I also feel the same way about other stark divisions. I primarily use the Tropical zodiac (commonly used in Western astrology) and have a lot of experience with Western reading methods, but I also tend to use some reading techniques that I’ve learned from my experience with Vedic astrology and consult sidereal placements for deeper perspective. I’m a very logically-minded person and don’t like guesswork, so I review a lot of data and try to constantly validate information while I’m using and learning it, which is why I’m both specific and accurate. When you get a reading with me, I’m reading the chart holistically rather than in a paint-by-numbers way — which means I’m utilizing the full body of knowledge I have to provide you with insights.

Anything you don’t do?

I consciously try to center my readings in respect and sensitivity while giving you complete information. I work to give you the freedom to consider multiple perspectives on each aspect and make your own decision about what works for you. I’m not in the business of telling people who they are or speaking authoritatively about their experiences of the world and themselves, nor psyching them out about upcoming trouble.

I believe in free will, and I aspire for my readings to help people see themselves accurately and reflect on their personal strengths and obstacles in a level-headed, loving way. I believe astrology should always be respectful of your existence and potential as a full human being. I want you to come away feeling prepared, capable, seen, and appreciated. I believe things we experience as gifts carry risks as much as things we experience as obstacles give us strength, and I want you to see the full potentials on each side. I don’t believe in demonizing or essentializing signs, placements or dynamics.

There are a few hard lines I don’t cross in how I speak in readings:

  • Appearance / body / medical astrology. I don’t personally feel comfortable utilizing astrology to speculate about aspects of our appearance we don’t have control over. I think we get enough judgement about our bodies from the world and I find many people find it to be invalidating. I also don’t like to get into specifics or speculation about medical astrology or interfere with you seeking care from medical professionals you trust. While astrology can potentially give insight into your emotional experience around the influence of medical conditions, I don’t believe in using it in any kind of essentialist or diagnostic way and am ethically opposed to that type of reading in my work.
  • Gender essentialism. I have many close loved ones who are trans or nonbinary and am queer myself. I don’t believe in gendering astrological bodies or signs and try to speak to them in a neutral tone so that all people, regardless of their identities and expressions, can find accurate reflections of themselves in my work instead of invalidation. I believe the full spectrum of human expression, potentiality and emotion is equally available to all people regardless of gender and thus believe the same of astrological placements.

Do you offer sliding scale readings? / anything not offered here?

Yes, absolutely open to it! Astrology insight should be accessible to everyone. Readings are priced based on what’s generally fair for my time and the way I feel most comfortable presenting information (thorougly), but I can be flexible on the exact format and will help figure out a solution that gets you the info you need. I also always offer mixed astrology/tarot readings on a donation basis. Just contact me!

Do I have to subscribe to a specific belief system to get an astrology reading?

Of course not! I read for people who don’t believe in astrology or who don’t participate in religion/spirituality all of the time. I also have read for people from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds and tend to keep my readings pretty belief-agnostic. I’ll take care not to invalidate your beliefs, I just ask you to be respectful of the work I’m doing and the way I do it.

Do you offer live readings/video call/real time readings? What about time sensitive readings?

At this time, no live readings. People who’ve had a reading with me use two words to describe my style most of all — “thorough” and “accurate.” I’m extremely fastidious process-wise and want you to really get the best level of detail, which often includes referencing my own notes and research about everything I’ve seen in my years of study, so it takes much more time outside of the 30-60 minutes your recorded reading comes out to. I’m looking at multiple views of your chart to give you a finished reading that makes sense and is easy to understand. It does take time!

I currently handle my readings by managing my waitlist in batches — natal charts are extremely time-consuming for me especially because I’m #thorough so I try to work through them in order. But if we’ve worked together before and you need something quickly, please feel free to send me an email or something — if I have time we can figure something out and get you some quick insight! I’m also happy to try and refer you to other astrologers who might have open bookings for the kind of work you need sooner.